How to ask a massage therapist for happy ending?

Most men who often visit parlors or hire masseuses for erotic massage think about getting happy ending, but they hesitate because they feel shy to ask about it. In today’s post, we are going to cover this topic, and we are going to tell you the exact way of asking for happy ending. To begin with, let us say that in most cases you won’t even have to ask for it because erotic massage always comes with happy ending, and most ladies will give you multiple happy ending if you are ready for such intense sessions.

Ask politely

If you have reached a point during the massage where you are feeling damn naughty, and you simply can’t wait for happy ending, then you can simply ask your masseuse to give you a happy ending right away. The thing is, these ladies are here to please you, and they won’t deny you for sure, but they simply want to keep you excited for as long as possible. But if you want happy ending earlier, then ask them for it. Masseuses have lots of amazing techniques for happy ending, and they know how to satisfy their clients by providing best happy ending. You will be happy to know that most of these ladies are bold and they are not shy to do something out of the way for their clients. But make sure that you are polite with these girls, and you are treating them right. If you become rude, then things can go south easily.

Enjoy the moment

Sometimes men are too concerned about if they will get happy ending or not, well to be honest, you are overthinking, and if you do that, then you won’t be able to enjoy at all. The best way to enjoy is by not thinking at all. Just enjoy the moment, and enjoy those erotic strokes provided by hot babes who are willing to do anything for you. Most men overthink, and they expect a lot, and that’s the reason why they don’t enjoy it too much. Just relax, and let these highly trained ladies do the job because that’s the only way to enjoy erotic massage. One thing we can surely guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with them, and they will make sure that you are getting the much needed happy ending, because without happy ending erotic massage won’t be complete.

If some masseuses are not giving you happy ending, then simply talk to them, and try to make them comfortable. When masseuses feel comfortable and safe, they always make sure that clients are having the best time of their life. So, stop worrying about happy ending too much because you will definitely get it no matter what.