How to give a sensual back massage

Erotic massage is most parts of the country are also known as sensual massage, and there is not particular difference. But if you have opted for this massage in past, then you might know that most masseuses spend a lot of time in massaging back portion of clients. Back is the biggest muscle in human body and most people often suffer from back pain a lot. If you are also going through back pain then sensual massage is the key. If you want to learn more about sensual back massage, then in today’s post, we are going to provide you all the details that will help you learn about it more.

Type of oil

If you aren’t sure which oil should be used for sensual massage, then start with olive oil that is loaded with various things that helps human body. Olive oil isn’t just for food, but its great for skin too. Make sure that you pour enough oil on the back portion, and start massaging the back with soft pressures. If you aren’t sure how much pressure is ok, then simply ask the person on the receiving end. Applying too much pressure will ruin the overall experience hence pressure is the key. Moreover, you should also take care of erotic quotient, which means that you should not just use your hands, but you should use your body too. Just remember that the person receiving this massage wants erotic sensations too.

Apart from using different kinds of stroking techniques, you should also concentrate on finding the problem. Most men and women face stiffness in back, and you can identify the stiffness by massaging the whole back. Once you have found stiff part, just massage it over and over again and you get success. There are lots of amazing things you can learn regarding sensual massage, but the only thing you need to know that you should try it out. Getting information is not enough because you need practical knowledge. There are lots of women who have real life experience, and they are damn good at providing erotic massage.

If this is your first time giving a massage then make sure that you are always finishing the massage with a happy ending. Just think about this as a final release that will make your client stress free. There are lots of things to learn related to sensual back massage, and you should turn towards internet for getting more information too. There are lots of Youtube videos up there that can teach you a lot.